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TOROFOSCO is a group of architects, designers and design madcaps from different sides, aggregated by the founder duo Ferrari and Neri from Modena. Torofosco responsibly creates design products, architecture and beauty around the world. Founded in 2009, Torofosco operates teams in Modena solving problems and collaborating with clients and retail partners worldwide.Torofosco people are connected by common ideas and responsible actions in view of environment. During design processes and production Torofosco staff takes care about the ecology using mostly natural, biodegradable materials and sustainable production process. Torofosco creates objects inspired by nature and strive to expose diverse traditions of Italian craftsmanship. Sustainable design gives us the opportunity to supply products fit harmoniously into our environment and architectures. What characterizes us is care, respect, fascination and sensitivity towards the environment, technology, material and design. We pass on our passion. We infect local craftsmans and contribute to creation of new quality italian dream.

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