Colonna pots

Linearity and different proportional relationships are the cornerstones of these vessels in the space composition for indoor and outdoor use. Colonna Pots by Torofosco are metal pot characterized by a simple form with cylindrical shape available in 4 different dimensions for the LARGE family; in 4 different dimensions for the MEDIUM family and in 7 different dimensions for the SLIM family. Families differ according to the diameter. Colonna Pots from Large Family are perfect to welcome also big plants like small bushes. The availability of considerable size favors the designer with greater compositional freedom also in combination with the models of the families. Here and below you can choose your favourite size, but if you need colonna pots larger then those please contact us for more informations on customized versions.
Also available in outdoor version.
In drawings below you can find dimensions for Colonna pots in various families serie available on catalogue (for customized dimensions please contact us directly for info and quotations):
Colonna Pots - Slim Family
Torofosco colonna slim
Colonna Pots - Memium Family
Torofosco colonna medium
Colonna Pots - Large Family
Torofosco colonna large


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