San Gimignano Towers pots

Linear contemporary character and historical aulic proportions at the same time for San Gimignano Towers Pots series. This is what makes those pots eye-catcher for the outdoor spaces. This collection, that can be easily combined with contemporary or classic surroundings, combines design and functionality for small plants and flower compositions when you need high pots. Also perfect for interiors, especially with precious finishes as golden leaf, satin or scratched, and silver leaf and copper leaf. Plant pot complete with plastic container and water tank set on an internal cross support. The plastic container is hydden below the edge of the outer pot to preserve its aesthetic elegance. For outdoor use only a hole can be made in the base of the pot to facilitate drenage. Ashtray kit and ground fixing plate is also available on request.

In technical drawings below you can find versions in catalogue (for customized versions please contact us directly):

Torofosco San Gimignano Pots 4


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